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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Good Fight" - Sam Casey

“And I fold like I might be made of paper//Been tearing myself into pieces lately.” A perfect metaphor to elicit the anxious feeling of uncertainty in an industry that thrives off of fierce, unpredictable competition and pushing antiquated beauty standards. Sam Casey’s electric song, “Good Fight,” is a journey through her constant battle with doubtful thoughts that is caused by the music industry’s powerful shadow hovering over her. Despite the industry’s thrown punches, Sam Casey fights back with hopeful lyrics in her chorus, “I’m slipping on a downside//I put up a good fight//Hoping it’s the last time//But, if I do fall, sweep it under the carpet.” Sam Casey’s inner anthem should pose as encouragement to those who feel like folding in on themselves. We all go through similar scenarios that force us into a catastrophic breakdown, but it doesn’t mean that has to be our fate every time. “Good Fight” swirls up optimistic emotions that makes you feel as though you have the strength to break through the claustrophobic paper wall that’s been holding you captive.

Every artist has their own distinctive sound, and it’s clear that Sam Casey’s is pop with a hint of inspiration from alternative, jazz and blues; especially in her most recent songs, “I’d Rather Go Blind” and “Men In Bars.” Her inclination for raw storytelling on sultry tracks allows her to define herself as a mature songwriter, but it’s in her experimental discography where her true artistry lies. From bluesy jazz all the way to translucent alternative, Sam Casey constantly demonstrates that there isn’t a limit to what one’s musical style can be. Just like her newest single “Good Fight” suggests, sweeping archaic rules and norms under the rug is the only way an artist can continue to flourish to their full potential. She proves this as she showcases her rich vocals to voltaic electric guitars and laser beam synths, making “Good Fight” her most vibrant pop song yet.

Sam Casey is a pop singer/songwriter based out of Toronto Canada. Although she began playing music at eight years old and eventually took piano lessons, she didn’t kickstart her artist career until she recorded her first song at fifteen. At this age, she was already showing her resilience when she pushed against gender norms and jumped off a fifty-foot drop from a high rock into a lake in front of a group of hesitant men. She uses this scenario to explain how she views herself in her career: “As a young female artist, I believe that many people expect certain social norms from me that I disagree with.” She’s an artist that isn’t afraid to speak her truth and talk about unpopular subjects, whether that’s about industry toxicity, societal roles, relationship downfalls, or mental illness. Sam Casey is able to take her thoughts and cleverly vent through sassy ballads and daring words—making her a force to be reckoned with.

Written By Amanda Palacios


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