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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Good For A Girl" - ELERI x Eädyth

When a guy tells his friend, “you throw like a girl,” it always has a negative connotation of not being good enough. It is unfortunate that some men regard women as weak, both physically and emotionally. The reality is that women are much stronger than men give them credit for. In their powerful pop track, “Good For a Girl,” ELERI and Eӓdyth use their musical gifts to change the narrative. They use every aspect of the song to show their listeners just how strong women are. I feel that this track will change the minds of both women and men. Women will feel more empowered, while men may think twice before using the phrase “like a girl” ever again.

One element of this track that I really liked was the instrumentation. The Spanish guitar sounded defiant. It starts out slow yet powerful in the beginning when ELERI sings “you think I’m a token, so you play me like an arcade.” The music gets stronger as the chorus nears. After the phrase, “pretty good for a girl,” the music becomes thunderous with claps in the background and ominous background vocals. This stylistic choice was a great way to demonstrate power. In the second verse, Eӓdyth adds fuel to fire with another powerful verse about how women are outnumbered by “rich white guys” who call women whiny and caution them not to have too many kids. You can really hear the emotion in both of their vocals. It makes the song that much more authentic when the singers are as passionate as they are.

ELERI and Eӓdyth are two talented artists from the United Kingdom. ELERI (AKA Eleri Angharad) is known for having a country/pop sound. Her work has accumulated over 750,000 streams. If you want to hear more of her, I recommend “Snake Like You.” It is a song with a great guitar sound that reflects on being deceived. Eӓdyth is known for an electro sound and soulful vocals. The elements are evident on her song, “Heal Yourself.” This song is an upbeat track about the freedom of clearing your mind. Both women are powerful together and apart. I enjoyed listening to their work. Follow all of their socials below to hear more music and be the first to know about any new releases!

Written By Kelli Dixon




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