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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Good Liar" - Essy

“Good Liar” is a dream pop indie anthem about the tribulations of life and relationships and the effect they can have on you long term. The trials you face in life can be all-consuming and leave you in an emotional disarray. With every test thrown, you build up the emotions and anger until suddenly, you move along with them. They are a part of you and you once let them take over every aspect of your being. Once you physically faltered and were told that these trials were just natural and a part of the wildfires of life, you began the lies. The lies to yourself, to others, and to your love. The love betrayal was monumental but your feelings towards it remain neutral after the checkups. It happened and it caused you great pain, but that is just life was and always has been. But the choice of whether or not you take life laying down or actually do something about it. You had always been good at lying to yourself and others, but now you take life and the hardships as they come.

“Good Liar” is an indie anthem that leans heavily into vocals as much as it does with its simple yet effective instrumentation. Essy’s vocal ability is really the standout aspect of this sweet melody. This single shapes and structures itself around her vocal delivery. Her delivery is slightly breathy and sweet in a whisper tonality as if she is relaying a potent and focused life lesson. It is as if she has truly thought about this song’s message and is set on engaging us as we lean in to hear more and more. The instrumentation is structured with simple and effective drum beats and guitar riffs that do not overstay their welcome. It is as if they are set on not overpowering Essy’s vocal delivery and messages.

Essy is an American singer-songwriter who got a very early start within the music industry. The talented musician taught herself how to play the piano at only eleven years old. At just 15, she was accepted into NYU’s summer program where she was taught by industry legends such as Barry Eastmond and Maia Sharpe. During her college years at the University of Virginia, a piano ballad she had composed caught the attention of EDM group Ship Wrek, which ultimately led her to signing with NCS Records’ Star Party. Since then, she has been working alongside writers and establishing herself within the industry. She began writing and producing her own music in the late 2010s and has amassed an impressive listener following as well as a social media following. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Good Liar” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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