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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Good Luck In Hell" - Jessy Lipton

It's sad when relationships turn so sour that you wish them nothing but the worst. You tried your hardest to have faith in them but they proved time after time that they were not willing to ever change. "Good Luck In Hell" is a spunky piece about finally letting that person go and telling them off for all the times they hurt you. Jessy Lipton is absolutely unapologetic in this song and empowers listeners with her dynamic lyrics and electric guitar notes. This song embodies the epitome of realizing your self-worth and the ability to cut out the people in your life that bring nothing but pain, even if they used to be the person you loved the most.

The main aspect I noticed about this song is the sharp transition from a sweet songbird tune to a powerful rock anthem. The beginning of this piece starts out so gentle with the sound of birds chirping and lighter notes from Jessy. As the song progresses, there is a swift shift from this delicate sound to an electric guitar-focused melody. The beginning provides a wonderful sense of irony to the piece and just makes the idea of the song even more powerful once it makes that switch. This transition leads into lyrics such as "I’m not really sorry you were left at the gates but I heard that hell would let you stay”

and “I don’t have it in me to wish you the best," which empowers listeners. Overall Jessy Lipton did an exceptional job at creating this powerful piece that captivates listeners' attention.

At just 20 years old, this New Jersey-born singer-songwriter connects with thousands of others through her music. Taking on the journey of her dreams, Jessy Lipton wants to share with the world what makes up her mind and heart and desires to help anyone listening. The maturity that started at such an early age, shines through her raw and thoughtful lyrics. Jessy demonstrates the pure teenage rollercoaster of emotions, between her highest optimism and some of her lowest mental states. This pop star in the making taps into all of her vulnerable, messy, heartbroken, and hopeful thoughts and shares them through her greatest passion - music.

Written By Melina Darlas



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