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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Good Old Times" - SAINT PHNX

We never really know how good we have it until the time’s behind us. In SAINT PHNX’s latest release “Good Old Times”, the Scottish alt-pop duo combines their magnetic instrumentals with reminiscent songwriting to create a vast soundscape through their musical stylings. Lingering on nostalgia, this track is about looking back at your past and searching for those good old times. Wanting to reach back, trying to, but eventually acknowledging that you’re here in the now and that those moments are far behind you. It’s a bittersweet thing to realize, but “Good Old Times” colors those times brightly, by finding that you can create more of those happy moments in the present.

“Good Old Times” is, in a word, big. There’s something about the soundscape, with its humming strings and deep, pulsing percussion, that makes listening to it feel similar to standing on a cliff’s edge, wind in your hair. It’s vivid nostalgia and reminiscence, especially through the beat drops; additionally, the quieter, in-between moments in their mellowness emphasize how high those beat drops feel. In a way, they're a bit like cresting over the top of a rollercoaster; that adrenaline is synthesized into SAINT PHNX’s instrumentals in the best way possible. The songwriting, too, entwines that motion with melancholy tinted with hope. “Good Old Times” is all about looking back at what you once had, and searching for them once more in your life, always trying to retrace your steps, but missing the pathway. I love how the song begins with that painful nostalgia and realization that you can never get those days back, but finally seeing that we can create new “good old times”. The line “I see them in your eyes / They’re not so hard to find” is such a poignant lyric, the idea of finding those moments in another person, along with them being easy to discover with and in them. “Good Old Times”, with its awesome instrumentals and songwriting, is both a love letter and goodbye to those times that are far behind us now, and it’s fantastic to see that grow and evolve as the track runs on through its lyrics.

SAINT PHNX is composed of brothers Stevie and Alan Jukes, who hail from Glasgow. With their soaring alt-pop stylings and potent songwriting, the duo creates music that has both rich instrumentals and storytelling. They’ve toured with acclaimed artists such as Yungblud, opened for Lewis Capaldi and Imagine Dragons, and have performed innumerable shows since their 2016 inception. Currently, they have tens upon millions of streams across their platforms, along with having acclaim from Clash, Alternative Press, and more. Their debut single dropped in 2016, entitled “Reload”, and their debut album “DDMN” released in 2020. After the release of "Reload", they dropped their single "King" in 2016, which now has over 24 million streams on Spotify. “Good Old Times” is SAINT PHNX’s latest release, but they absolutely have more to come; follow their socials to keep track of their next projects!

Written By Alexa Leung



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