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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Good Taste" - Homer

“Good Taste” by Homer is a reflection of exactly that. Their 2023 release, a catchy, pop-punk influenced song expresses the positive influence of a breakup. Using a variety of metaphors but most notably referring to music, Homer describes the lasting impact a past relationship had. Though the narrator is heartbroken, the coping skill of music learned from their former partner is used to overcome it. “Good Taste” is the breakup song of acceptance. They hear the remnants of the past relationship through their headphones but they also sing those remaining sorrows into the headphones of others. This is a genuine feel-good song for when you don’t.

The song begins with a summery, electric beat that only lasts a second before Homer begins singing. The singers voice is classic, reminiscent of early 2000s artists such as Coldplay, which they actually reference in their lyrics. Every line of these lyrics are memorable, the chorus rolling off the tongue with ease after only hearing it once. Though they’re catchy, Homer’s mature response to the breakup and their positive outlook on it are still tainted with the facts of their upsetting nature. Their method of writing this story is essentially a line in which they’ll describe something terrible this former partner did, for instance “Then you left me for your friend” followed by, in this case, “but I’m not sad”. A heart wrenching confession but immediately overcome by the otherwise joyful sounding music and optimistic lyrics. It’s an intriguing method of storytelling that’s genuinely inspirational. Songs that usually describe such terrible circumstances are usually slow ballads, but here, Homer manages to say the same message but flip it and make nothing short of a pop anthem.

The Texas based duo released their first single on Spotify in 2018, titled “Will You Still Love Me” and have since put out seven new songs. Their top tracks “Mine” and “Someone New” have over a million streams, they’ve reached over 100 countries, and gained thousands of followers on Spotify and Instagram since. The two artists collaborate perfectly together, Zach Castillo being the focus of production with Will Mccurdy as the singer. Both, despite living active lives filled with travel and other creative endeavors, manage to keep dedicated standards for themselves as musicians. Constantly creating new projects, writing, and producing. Just one month after they released “Good Taste” they’ve already dropped another single, “Won’t Let Me Go”. With their ongoing theme of romantic bops and their impressive speed in releasing them, I’m excited to see what they have in store next. Remember to follow them below and keep up with their journey, if you have “Good Taste”.

Written By Hailey Schap



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