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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Good Times Go" - Nicky Youre

Nicky Youre is ready to claim the coveted honor of ‘Song of the Summer’ with his new single “Good Times Go.” There is an age-old saying that proclaims youth is wasted on the young, but why should it be? Life is short, and you must enjoy it while you can. People are always so focused on tomorrow that they forget to live in the now. The memories we make now will be the ones we can wrap ourselves in when we’re old and gray. As Nicky sings in the pre-chorus, “Probably gonna hurt tomorrow, bet you it's worth it.” Go to the party. Break the speakers with nostalgic bangers. Dance with strangers who feel like your best friends. Kiss the person who you’ve been vibing with all night. Stay out until the sun rises, and it’s finally time to come back down to earth. There will always be an excuse to not have a wild night, but a hangover only lasts 24 hours, and the good times will last forever.

“Good Times Go” is an infectious track that radiates positivity and letting loose. It is a much-needed reminder to live in the moment. With its sticky melody and relatable lyrics, this upbeat, vivacious song is the perfect soundtrack for making memories with your people. Nicky has lived a life with high highs and low lows, and he wants to remind his audience to be present in the highs because they give you something to hold onto in the inevitable lows. The good times move by much faster than the bad ones, so it’s important to bask in those moments of euphoria to the fullest extent. Whether you’re taking the long way home, laying by the pool, or staying for one more song at the party, “Good Times Go” is the track of the summer.

Nicky Youre is an American pop singer/songwriter. He catapulted onto the scene after his 2022’s 2x RIAA-Platinum smash hit, “Sunroof.” He spent an astounding 11 consecutive weeks in Billboard’s Hot 100, where he resided comfortably in the Top 10. Nicky has been brining his infectious energy to the stage, making his LA and New York headline debuts earlier this year. He did his first festival show last month at Bottletock in Napa. As a man on the go where the good vibes follow, you can catch him now on tour with Benson Boone. “Good Times Go” is the title track for his new EP, and Nicky continues to prove himself with his undeniable feel-good music!

Written By Grace Chapman



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