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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Good Vibes Only" - Hot Chelle Rae x Mitchy & André x NASHUP

The threeway collaboration that is “Good Vibes Only” can only be described as the song of the summer. Hot Chelle Rae, Mitchy & André, and NASHUP have joined forces on the song released mid-March, and their fans are certainly ready for a fun summer with this track. It gives the vibe of a pool party, as the artists sing about taking shots by the water, surfing, and popping champagne. The track is upbeat and fun, and is impossible to sit still to. It feels similar to other EDM and dance music, and has synths, trumpets, and a catchy rhythm. A feel good song, the trio has certainly created a hit.

The chorus is simplistic, driving home their point with absolutely no complications. They sing “Got those G-O-O-D-V-I-B-E-S / Got no stress / Got that sunshine flowing straight into my chest” on repeat. Spelling out the title makes the song fun and easy to pick up, and emphasizes their goals for their summer. Similarly, the outro simply repeated “it's good vibes only (good vibes only, yeah)” over and over, as the song slowly fades away. There is no doubt that their vibes are immaculate, and this is clearly mirrored in their words.

This trio of artists is unmatched in vibes and skillset, and their styles perfectly blended together in this track. Hot Chelle Rae (known for their hit “Tonight Tonight” from their 2011 album Whatever) are a pop rock band from Nashville, TN, that has been making music together since 2005. Mitchy & André are a brother duo from Germany. The two got their start on “The Voice of Germany”, and now travel all over the world together performing on cruise ships and connecting with their fans. NASHUP, also known as Nash Overstreet, is a DJ, songwriter, and producer in Hot Chelle Rae. The three parties can be followed along on the social medias below!

Written By Tessa Maddaloni





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