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  • Stephanie Berning

Review “Goodbye Boy” - Namelle

"Goodbye Boy" is about saying goodbye to a bad ex. Within the song, the artist reminiscences a relationship. However, she ultimately decides that she needs to end her relationship because of her toxic partner. This single stays fast-paced and has a slight build throughout the song that helps keep it an upbeat number. Although the subject matter is a little heavier, the song is a catchy electro-pop song that listeners will love.

The single begins with an electro beat and smooth vocals. At the end of each verse, the beat builds for the chorus. A highlight of the track would be the bridge. In the bridge, Namelle breaks from her steady smooth vocals and showcases a gorgeous falsetto tone. The falsetto and the fading of the instrumental, make the bridge stand out from the single. Overall, audiences will rave about "Goodbye Boy" and have the lyrics, "No no no no no no no - so you gotta go Goodbye Boy" on repeat in their heads.

Namelle is a 25-year-old artist from Sweden. She was named Ines Talent in 2018. This artist has performed her electro-pop sound at gigs and festivals all over Europe. One of this singer’s favorite parts of songwriting is collaboration. Namelle released her first song titled, "Got No Time" in January of 2018. Although this musician has released multiple singles, and a couple of EPs, and has been featured on a few songs, she has not released her debut album yet.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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