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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Got Myself" - PAENDA

PAENDA released her motivational dance-pop single "Got Myself." This piece is about the internal journey of picking yourself back up when you have been knocked down. When we all face adversity or challenges in our lives, it can be enough to take everything out of us. Sure we may have some people to help pick us back up, but the true strength to stand back up again comes from within. The internal strength it takes to bounce back from any setback puts us back on top and has us feeling like ourselves again. PAENDA created this high-energy melody to match the confidence that she is instilling into her listeners through her music.

This piece starts off with a more serious tone as there is a lot of focus on PAENDA's vocals as well as establishing the beat of the song. The lyrics during this part talk about what it feels like to be knocked down and to be "In a place where nothing grows." As the song inches towards the chorus, the pace, and energy of the song slowly start to pick up. More instruments are introduced, and the song transitions into the high-energy piece that it is. As for the lyrics, the lines become very motivational with lines such as "I found strength in all the ways that I've been hurt" and "I got myself and that's all I need." After each time the chorus is sung, there's a break for the melody to take over allowing for the high energy to take hold. The piece as a whole is truly motivational and is a fantastic ode to inner strength.

PAENDA is a self-determined pop artist who is one of those people who was born to make music and perform. She began music in her early life by singing in a choir and picking up different instruments. She attended the Vienna Music Institute and graduated with honors in 2013, and went on to represent Austria in Eurovision 2019. Today, she makes music in her home studio in Vienna and finds just as much comfort writing pieces in the studio as she does performing up on a stage. PAENDA is one of the few women artists who do everything on her own. She writes and produces all of her pieces completely on her own, and is one of the most determined and hardworking artists in the industry.

Written By Melina Darlas



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