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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Got What I Wanted" - Chandler Leighton

Chandler Leighton’s highly-anticipated debut album, Proof You Weren’t the Only One, is a skipless record full of dark-pop anthems and melancholy ballads that tackle themes of depression, anxiety, and toxic relationships, as well as personal growth and self-discovery. Each song on the album is outstanding and the epitome of my favorite style of music. I even previously included the second track, “Monster”, in our Top 13 Spooky Songs for Halloween article. Alongside the album’s release, she premiered the music video for her single and the 11th track, “Got What I Wanted”. The heart-wrenching song delves into Leighton’s battle with wanting to achieve her dream but feeling drained by the unrelenting pain and suffering it has caused. Throughout the track, she describes this feeling as gasping for air as the waves are pulling her under—drowning and not knowing how to swim. This corresponds with the album cover where the singer is shown screaming while underwater.  Furthermore, this track connects to the entire record as a whole in the third verse as Leighton sings, “'Cause one day when I'm gone// These songs will be the proof you weren't the only one.” The artist’s decision to take this line and use it as the album’s title was ingenious. It encompasses the overarching theme of the project while showcasing a deeper and darker side of Leighton. After being an avid supporter of the artist for over a year, Proof You Weren’t the Only One was well worth the wait. Each song has a unique sound and storyline that flawlessly blends into one cohesive album. “Got What I Wanted” was the perfect track to round out the 11 songs, meticulously crafted to display Leighton’s individual experience while simultaneously resonating with listeners.

Leighton consistently releases immaculate tracks that leave me in awe of her creativity and honesty. From the eerie atmosphere of “Witch Hunt” to the raw vulnerability of “Would You?”, the artist has an impeccable discography that deserves significantly more recognition. When she announced her new album, I knew it would be one of my top favorites of the year, if not of all time. And I was not wrong. Leighton marvelously introduces her audience to the project with the fiery track, “Sick”. This sets the tone for the first half of the album—anger. Meanwhile, “Got What I Wanted” concludes the second half—sadness. Alongside the melancholic soundscape, Leighton possesses a passion in her voice that highlights the intense emotions—one of the many aspects of the singer that initially captured my attention when I was first introduced to her.


The song begins with soft synth waves and a staggered keyboard, lulling the audience into the introspective track. This transitions into the first verse, where the production is led by the keyboard and subtle drums, drawing focus on Leighton’s stunning voice sharing her vulnerable lyrics. In the pre-chorus, the soft percussion begins to pick up with layered vocals harmonizing in the background, foreshadowing the powerful break into the chorus. In the chorus, the layered vocal effects enter the forefront, becoming more prominent while the production is led by deep synth. This showcases the deep passion and desperation of Leighton. At the end of the chorus, the production reduces to only the synth as her compelling voice sings the hook: “I guess that I got what I wanted.” This highlights the vulnerable and gut-wrenching storyline as the listener feels the sorrow the artist is experiencing. Then, the third verse switches from a solemn piano-led production to a fast-paced percussion-heavy soundscape. Alongside this faster pace, the layered vocals become more pronounced, symbolizing the anxiety behind the lyrics. Furthermore, this allows Leighton to showcase her remarkable vocal range, which continues through the remainder of the track. In the outro, her flawless vocalizations lift the audience into the clouds, providing them with an out-of-body experience, before bringing them back down to earth with the final hook. “Got What I Wanted” was the perfect song to end the album with, as it encompasses a major theme while showcasing Leighton’s breathtaking, multifaceted talent. If Leighton is not already on your top most played artists list, there is no doubt that “Got What I Wanted” and the entirety of Proof You Weren’t The Only One will change your mind.


Chandler Leighton is a dark alt-pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her passion for music and entertainment kicked off at the age of five when she began dancing, followed by joining musical theater by the second grade. Leighton then taught herself to play the guitar and began creating her own music in 8th grade. She made her debut in 2019 with her ILLENIUM collaboration, “Lonely”. Her first solo release was the following year with her single, “Eleanor Rigby”. Since then, Leighton has built up a solid fanbase with over 1.2 million monthly listeners and 135k followers on Instagram. Her 2022 single, “When You Say My Name”, has garnered massive attention with over 36 million streams on Spotify alone. Leighton continues to prove that she is an undeniable talent who deserves to become one of the industry’s biggest artists. Follow her on all socials to keep up to date with any new announcements!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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