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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Grapevines" - Jade LeMac

Canadian pop singer-songwriter Jade LeMac just released her single "Grapevines." It comes as the second single off her upcoming EP, Confessions, that is set to release on November 3, 2023. The sultry pop track was centered around the word 'grapevines,' as LeMac saw a vine in the studio and considered how it would be a unique word to use in a song. She thought about the more seductive side of grapes, the way you might see them fed to someone in a film. Grapes are also, of course, associated with wine. She used the connotations as the inspiration for this commercial pop track about craving someone.

The alt pop track "Grapevines" starts off with LeMac singing the sexy confession, "Feed me off of those grapevines / Let's make wine / Let's make love." Icy beats and synth-filled production back her vocals as she compares the sweet, yet bitter sensation of craving a person to the way that you would crave grapes, or a glass of wine. She dives deeper into this seductive theme in the chorus, where she sings, "Tell me, have you / Sipped enough from your glass?" and "Ever have it so bad? / So bad that you come and come back for more." It is an energetic, moody song that kept me hooked from the start.

Jade LeMac debuted with her single "Constellations" in 2021. Now, at just 19 years old, she has accumulated over 400 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and millions of streams. She has also been named by GLAAD as "10 LGBTQ Women in Music to Listen to this Pride Month," received a feature in Teen Vogue, and received praise from several publications, including Pride and Diva Magazine. Her first EP, Constellations, released early in 2023 and has already been quite successful, with the titular track having over 20 million streams. If you enjoyed this release, make sure to check out her other music and keep up with all future releases, including the Confessions EP, by using the links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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