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  • Pejah Carr

Review: "Gravity" - Diana Goldberg

Diana Goldberg Gravity Cover Art

Diana Goldberg's new single, 'Gravity', evokes a whirlwind of emotions, detailing the intense whimsy of budding romance and how falling in love often leaves us feeling like we're "defying gravity". Through her brilliant lyricism, Goldberg is able to capture the essence of the butterflies that settle in our stomachs when we meet someone special, causing our heads to surge beyond cloud nine. The meaning behind 'Gravity' stems from the weightless joy found in another person after emerging from a toxic relationship. It is meant to resonate within those who are not only opening their hearts to new romances but also those who are experiencing the innocence of platonic and familial love. The singer-songwriter describes how, in this ethereal state, she loses her "sense of time" and everything seems to just "fall into place" as the reality around her begins to reflect her strong emotions. Giving us a tiny glimpse of what more is in store for her growing discography, ''Gravity' embodies the cheery, youthful nature of summer with a groovy syncopation that can be attributed to the artist's distinct sound. Diana is known for consistently drawing in audiences with her catchy melodies, remarkable lyricism, and ability to transform alt-pop genre into something that is uniquely her own.

When listening to ‘Gravity’, the very first word that comes to mind is “entrancing”. Goldberg launches the listener into a completely different headspace, immersing us in that familiar feeling of fresh, untainted love. The cleverly titled single makes the listener feel like they're floating on air as the song opens with her clean, echoey vocals. Goldberg's tone is rich, yet calming; her mystical delivery of each verse reaffirms her commentary on the transcendental aspects of love. The chorus is funky, it’s upbeat, and most importantly, it’s uplifting. The bass makes you want to move your body, the fast-paced tempo simulates a racing heart, and the retro synthesizer has a reminiscent feel. Altogether, the production works to spark this fiery adrenaline that takes our feet off the ground. ‘Gravity’ is the type of song you find yourself unknowingly humming along to throughout the day, automatically bringing a smile to your face. There's just no doubt that this song has already made its way to replay status on every playlist.

Based in the very heart of Germany, Berlin, Diana has established herself as a talented artist that has taken the alt-pop genre by storm! With a background in classical piano and a strong passion for music and songwriting, this well-rounded artist introduces such a wide scope of fresh ideas to the pop and neo-soul scene. Diving into the world of pop back in 2020, the singer-songwriter made a name for herself after releasing her debut single titled ‘Occupy Your Mind’ followed by her breathtaking EP, ‘Blossom In The Dark’. With nearly 20k streams on 'Gravity' alone and over 75k monthly listeners on Spotify total, it's clear that fans around the world have fallen in love with the unique charm that sets Diana apart from other artists! That said, ‘Gravity’ gives us a sweet taste of what’s to come from her two-part EP ‘Tears don’t fall in space’, which is scheduled to come out later this year! Stay tuned and make sure to check out her socials below for more updates and releases!

Written By Pejah Carr



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