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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Green Eyes" - Jake Scott

Do you ever just know that someone’s meant to be in your life? That first meeting is often a surreal experience. It reminds me of when I met my first college roommate (who’s now my best friend) and how we matched each other’s energies almost immediately. I’ll never forget that moment! Jake Scott captures this feeling romantically in ‘Green Eyes’. In the song, he recounts how he fell for a girl while giving her a car ride as a favor from a mutual friend. Backed by a star-studded feel, he takes you along on this unforgettable ride through his love-enveloped mind!

The first part that jumps out at me is the open feeling of the first chorus, which is a great start to the song. Vivid lyrics draw you into a stunning visual of driving down the beachy west coast, and Scott attributes that beauty to his love interest. “Never out loud but in my mind; knew one day, wanna make you mine.” His fervent desire for her manifests itself in this “all-or-nothing" confidence he sings with. Later in the song, he brings out these blissful guitar licks that make you want to permanently move into Scott’s dreamy universe. Taking it all in, there’s no doubt that he loves this girl unconditionally. What a gratifying thought to end on!

Dedicated to remaining 100% independent, Jake Scott has been inspiring independent artists everywhere since 2013’s debut EP, ‘Of Life and Love and Longing’. For several years, he was an important figure in LA’s songwriting community; working alongside Grammy-award winning producer David Hodges. In 2018, he came back to the spotlight in full force with his “song-per-month" challenge. For 2 years straight, he cranked out singles that garnered unfathomable crowd appeal and led to his first headline tour. ‘Green Eyes’ is only his second single of the year and I already want more music from him! Go check him out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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