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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Green Light" - Glow Beets

It's not too late for a danceable summer anthem; the last dregs of the season are still worth indulging in. Producer, Glow Beets, collaborates with singer/songwriter, Tazmin, for the perfect soundtrack to summer's gentler moments. The collaboration proves for a gloriously smooth celebration of budding romance, entitled "Green Light." "Don't wait for the green light," Tazmin croons in the chorus. The tropically-infused instrumental blossoms but never overheats: a summer breeze wafting through the production, cooling the passion's intensity. The result is a playful call for immediacy that remains light with the knowledge that they've got all the time in the world.

Glow Beets' impressive versatility as a producer and songwriter really shine in the production of "Green Light." On it's surface, it washes over as a sweet, dance-pop track. The mix, however, is laced with flavors of several genres and styles. The electric keys bobbing up in the pre-chorus lend to the stylings of House music, with the chorus bringing in more elements of the genre. The percussion bounces between tropical and electronic, the bridge infuses the instrumental and vocals with a distinctly EDM flare, and sometimes Tamzin's impressive voice is given center stage to give it an almost ballad feel. It's a dizzying feeling—being caught in the center of "Green Light's" magnetic swirl—but a rewarding and infectious one. "It's taking me higher" Tamzin repeats at several moments. "Green Light" is a celebration of the moment when two people decide to fall completely for one another.

Glow Beets is the alter-ego of Jonny Amos. Amos is a songwriter and producer based in the UK. He's known for his electronic music spanning EDM, House, Future Pop, and other hybrid genres. In addition to producing for many successful artists, Glow Beets also creates sample packs for aspiring DJs, producers, and composers. Running his own label, Glow Beets has proven his mastery of all levels of the musical process from inception to release. "Green Light" follows up his previous single in April, "Better Times."

Written By Andy Mockbee

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