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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Green Thumb" - Jet City Sports Club

Jet City Sports Club released their newest track titled "Green Thumb." This sunny melody is an excellent Indie Rock piece that combines cheerful guitar notes with warm vocals from Lilla Obradovic. This song is about when someone is moving away from you, almost as if your relationship with them is withering away. This song compares a withering relationship to gardening. Lines such as "I had a green thumb, maybe I should give it up" as well as "sorry that you're wilting why can't you tell me how you're feeling?" make this connection. This song creates a relationship between saving something that's dying, such as a beautiful garden, to saving a dying relationship. It's a really neat take on this topic and is a fresh angle on such an emotional topic.

Despite the fact that this piece concerns the topic of a relationship coming to an end, it is a very bright and cheerful song. The strong guitar chords, as well as the prominent drum, beat animate this song. Another strong aspect of this song is Obradovic's voice. Her voice is warm as honey and has such a soothing sound to it. Her vocals mesh beautifully with the instruments of this piece. I also really enjoyed the story behind this piece. I feel like with love songs it's very difficult to write a track that will stand out from the rest, but Jet City Sports Club succeeded in creating a different take. I personally have never heard a song comparing the decay of a wonderful relationship to the withering of a beautiful garden. Then to compare the person salvaging the relationship to a gardener with a green thumb was such a wonderful idea. This song is truly enjoyable to listen to and embodies such lively vibes.

Jet City Sports Club is an Indie rock band from the sunny city of Sydney. Their music is inspired by 90s guitar notes as well as Pop and Aussie Indie. This band got their start in the height of the 2020 quarantine and hopped in the studio the first chance they got to write their 5 track EP. In just under two years they have established themselves in the Aussie scene by heralding as Triple J's first 'Lunchtime Legends' of the 2021 Requestival week for their track 'Redfern Station' and with constant playlisting. Now with over 150k listens over multiple platforms Jet City Sports Club is prepared to continue their rise on the Indie music scene.

Written By Melina Darlas



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