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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Gunpoint" - ALF

Is there anything as cathartic as listening to a song that perfectly encapsulates your relationship struggles? Manchester-based artist ALF's latest single, "Gunpoint," is a pop-punk anthem about the struggles of a toxic relationship and the inability to let someone go, no matter how unhealthy the dynamic. ALF describes this love as being "held hostage at gunpoint;" A clever metaphor for the cyclical nature of toxic attachment and the difficulties breaking the cycle. The track is angsty, relatable, and big. With its honest lyrics and infectious melody, "Gunpoint" is bound to connect with audiences who have experienced similar situations. Whether played in a concert arena or just somebody's car, the song is tailor-made to be sung or, let's be honest, screamed along to.

"Gunpoint" is the best of the pop and punk worlds. The single, produced by Alex Quinn and ALF himself, is catchy and fun. There is a high-speed drum pulse that builds to an explosive chorus bound to get stuck in your head. Having worked with Michael Aldag and Justin Bieber, Quinn knows how to create an enormous pop sound. Yet ALF crafts a song that maintains the core punk edge only a title like "Gunpoint" can provide. The mixing and mastering from Graeme Lynch similarly help balance pristine pop sounds with rock aesthetics and sentimentalities. The punk inspiration translates throughout the track, from the wailing guitars in the background to ALF's impassioned vocals. ALF writes from an honest point of view. Lines like "babe I'm exhausted / I've never let you hear me cry" and "When I'm making that dumb choice" are relatable, candid depictions of the harmful thought patterns and habits that result from a toxic partnership. This raw vulnerability is what makes "Gunpoint," along with ALF as an artist, so special. The track is an electrifying, upbeat anthem exploring authentic human experiences almost everyone has faced before.

ALF is a U.K. musical artist and social media star. Born in 2004 to a family who values music and records some of their own, ALF fell in love with the art form. Over the past few years, the singer-songwriter has had a meteoric rise on the app TikTok. His account @whosalf currently has over 185,000 followers and 15.2 million likes, with an audience still growing daily. ALF released his debut single, "Tired of Being Nice," along with a sped-up version in 2022, placing #7 in TikTok's "New Music U.K." playlist. Earlier this year, ALF released "Killing Me," in regular and high-speed versions. All three songs have displayed a substantial range in ALF's work. "Tired of Being Nice" showcases an electronic pop sound, while "Killing Me" is a gentler, acoustic ballad. Now, with "Gunpoint" and its pop-punk aesthetics, it is clear that ALF is a versatile artist whose musical trajectory will be exciting. "Gunpoint," along with his other songs, are now available on all streaming services.

Written By Lauren Nolan



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