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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Hanging On" - Emilee Moore

into what she believes is the hardest part of heartbreak: being able to let go of someone you truly love. She starts off the song by finally realizing the relationship is over, insinuating that she was in denial for a bit. She doesn’t know what to do without this person, and states that they’re “just the end of a sentence/a lingering question.” Even though Emilee has realized this, this person is still the focal point in her life. In the chorus, she recognizes there’s barely a string connecting them, but she’s still hanging on, even though it’s against her best interests. As this person is fading in her rearview mirror. Emilee once again compares their relationship to the ends of things, this time being a ringtone, or “a call straight to a voicemail.” Describing their relationship as “a piece at the art show/the no one takes home” is strikingly different from the normal connotations with an art show. Art shows, generally speaking, resemble beauty and prized possessions, yet, they’re “a patchwork of pieces that never belonged.” In the highly emotional bridge, Emilee proclaims her devotion to her ex lover, saying she’ll love them until she bleeds out, leaving herself hanging onto her last breath. She compares their relationship once again to the ending of something - this time, an “ending of an era.”

The production on “Hanging On” beautifully encapsulates the feeling that Emilee is trying to convey with her lyrics. Upon first listen, the soundscape she created is immediately captivating and is addicting to listen to. The combination of a haunting acoustic guitar, her delicate vocals, and an angelic vibe creates a feeling of turmoil and sadness. As you get further into the song, the production becomes even more luscious and gooey with the added harmonies, echoes, and reverb. The song gently crescendos into the peak of the song, which is the bridge. The lyrics are filled to the brim with emotions, while the song sonically becomes deeper and wider. The drums accelerate through the bridge, which creates a rushing feeling and a sense of desperation. I can easily picture this song being featured in a movie, where the main character is at their lowest point and most likely sobbing in the rain. 

Emilee Moore is a Vancouver raised, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, bearing the nickname of “Queen of Heartbreak.” She first began her musical journey at 6 years old when she started classical piano training. Growing up in church, playing in her school's band, and her love for singing only grew her love for music. Deep down, she wanted to pursue music as a career but didn’t have the confidence to do so. While in university, she started working with a producer who eventually moved to Los Angeles. She had grown such a passion for writing and recording music that a year later, Emilee followed her producer to LA. And since then, she hasn’t stopped writing. She put out her first single, “Ask,” in 2021, and after a couple more singles, released “When It Kills Me,” a two part EP, in 2022. Emilee has seen major success throughout her generally short career. Her single, “Up in the Sky,” has garnered over 3 million streams on Spotify alone. The song, dedicated to her grandmother who passed away in 2020, follows the melody of the UP theme song. This inspired her to perform the song in a hot air balloon in order to be as close to her grandmother as she could.  Even more impressively, Emilee recently performed at Coachella and put up a billboard on the route from LA to Coachella Valley reading “I made this billboard to help you feel a little less alone.” Now, she hopes to put on the Ultimate Heartbreak Concert in the future, which would be her first stadium performance. There’s no telling how far Emilee’s talents will take her, but she is sure to impress her audience for many years to come.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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