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  • Destiny Rundquist

Review: "Happier Songs" - Savanna Leigh

Savanna Leigh, Happier Songs, Cover Art

Happier Songs by Savanna Leigh, paints a vivid picture for the listener of what it means not only to live, but also love as a mature adult. When the music begins we feel the soft yet upbeat melody, it's that which draws us in and prompts us to keep listening. The song dives much deeper and allows us to draw personal connection. One of the key moments within the song that allowed me to understand and relate to it, were the lyrics that said "I've been trying to write happier songs / I've been sad too long / But it's hard when I keep waiting for everything to go wrong." This line makes us draw deeper within ourselves, and recognize that we've all lived a moment when we were afraid to make a decision in fear that it wouldn't work out. These lyrics reflect what it means to mature as an adult, recognizing that there is no one telling you what to do and what not to do. This extends far beyond everyday decisions. It also means, as adults, we choose who we love. The song says "Grown ups don't get summer break / But with you it doesn't feel that way / In the sunshine state / You're my quiet place." This provides comfort for us as the listener, because it means that even if things don't work out the way we want, comfort is within our reach.

As soon as the song starts we hear the cool tone it brings. There is a slight upbeat manner, but it is rather soothing. Within the music, you can hear the piano, it is what grounds the piece, and serves as the center of the melody. The piano pairs beautifully with the artists voice. While both the piano and the artist's voice are soft, they also add depth to the lyrics which makes the song even more powerful. Because the piano and the voice work so well together, they help spark feelings of both uncertainty and acceptance. This ties the song together like a perfectly crafted bow on top of a gift.

Savanna Leigh isn't a stranger to music. She grew up in an environment heavily involved in both music and production, which allowed her to also explore theater. Savanna Leigh's father was a independent country artist who often traveled to Nashville, Savanna would tag along. Savanna's grandmother also ran a local production company, which gave her the opportunity to be immersed in theater culture. When asked about her love of music she said "I think pop has always been where my voice has fit, and that's the type of music I wanted to do. I just never fully pursued it." Later when she was asked about the creative process of "Happier Songs" she said "Happier Songs was shot in the middle of a field in Nashville. I was with my team that day, having fun. I felt that the visual on the outside appeared happy, but the coloring of me in the black dress created a contrast, reflecting the lyrics of the song." There was no better way to say it. This song offers a tiny glimpse of the big things that Savanna Leigh no doubt has to come.

Written By Destiny Rundquist

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