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  • Brielle Pattillo

Review: "Happy Without Me" - Grace Grundy

“Happy Without Me” perfectly grasps the feelings of letting a person move on. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “if you love someone, you’ll let them go,” this is the very sentiment Grace gets across throughout her song. She cares so deeply for this person, that she doesn’t want to waste their time. Each word within this song perfectly conveys that. She doesn’t want to hide behind the history they had, instead, she wants to focus on what’s best for them now, putting herself aside so that this person can be happy without her. With intentional and intimate lyricism, Grace gives her listeners who are going through something similar, a familiar feeling to find comfort in.

The track starts by painting a picture of what once was. Reminiscing on their plans of what they once wanted. Slowly she starts to realize that things change. Grace asks the question, “if you’re not happy with me, can we make a pact?” She makes them promise to be happy without her. This is a love song different from most, making it uniquely set apart from what we often hear nowadays.

Grace Grundy is a singer/songwriter from the UK. She’s performed multiple covers of hit songs during the beginning of her career allowing her to gain popularity throughout multiple platforms. “Happy Without Me” is featured in her debut EP. She previously studied illustration at college, now she records original music hoping to release more in the future.

Written By Brielle Pattillo



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