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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Happy You're Happy" - EVALINA

EVALINA’s latest single is a multidimensional track containing several layers that flawlessly exemplify the complexity of human emotions. On the surface, "Happy You're Happy" is a nonchalant, carefree track about moving on and hoping your ex-partner finds happiness. However, when delving deeper, the infectious song contains passive-aggressive lyrics that contradict the positive title and bubbly soundscape. EVALINA describes how she wants to feel about seeing her former partner doing well and finding someone else. However, subliminal messages are sprinkled throughout the song that show that she could not be further from happiness-- but this is the last thing she wants the subject to know. So instead, she lies through the skin of her teeth, pretending that she is empty of envy and bitterness. In the first verse, her passive-aggressiveness is revealed immediately with the lyrics: "Heartache, thought you gave me heartache// Felt more like a headache// Used to be bitter but I’m so much better now.
" These lines may appear lighthearted, but in reality, they showcase the denial she is facing and the resentment she is feeling. With "Happy You're Happy" EVALINA effortlessly crafts a relatable track that resonates with listeners as she brings to life her personal experiences.

"Happy You're Happy" is an energetic, bubbly pop track that utilizes an upbeat production, sweet vocals, and sassy lyrics to create an effervescent atmosphere. In the intro, the guitarist kicks off the song with a percussive guitar technique, often known as a strum slap, that instantly reels the listener in and gets them bobbing along to the beat. A high-pitched bell dings, signifying the beginning of the verse. The strum slap technique is replaced by finger snaps, while the guitar's melody continues slightly muffled. Halfway through the verse, the bass picks up, alongside a more rounded percussion, gearing for the build into the chorus. In the pre-chorus, light percussion is added before another ding of the bell introduces the chorus. The lighthearted, full production explodes with the muffled guitar riff, an increase in tempo to the percussion, and more prominence to the bass. This soundscape continues into the second verse with a decrease in the percussion. While EVALINA's compelling vocals mesmerize the listeners throughout the entire song, she uses the second pre-chorus as a chance to show off her impressive range. This continues into the final chorus and outro, where the singer highlights her remarkable vocal control. She finishes the track off strong, leaving her audience in awe of her outstanding talent.

EVALINA is a British singer-songwriter. She made her debut in July 2022 with her single, “Side Effects”. The song earned critical acclaim with glowing reviews from industry tastemakers such as Earmilk, Celeb Mix, Pop Musik, Lock Magazine, About To Blow & The Music Essentials and was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday & New Pop Revolution. It even went on to become BBC Introducing’s Track Of The Week. As a graduate of South London’s BRIT school, EVALINA had a rapid rise to prominence after superstar production duo Laconic discovered her. Since then, EVALINA has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, toured throughout Europe, and garnered over 30 million streams across her credits. Furthermore, she received impressive support when her single, “Vivid”, was personally chosen by Becky Hill to launch the groundbreaking female-led label, Lady Of The House, as their debut release. She performed the track live at W Hotel Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event. The song was also named Track Of The Day on BBC Introducing, received a mention on BBC Radio 1, press coverage from Music Week, Skiddle, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag, and Mix Mag. and was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday & New Dance Revolution. With an impressive 2023 and a great start to 2024, EVALINA shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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