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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Hard To Love" - Holly Wild

It is a great feeling when the people we love feel comfortable enough around us to show their deeper emotions. For example, they can cry and vent about a situation without the fear of being judged. This support can oftentimes be taken for granted though. The person doing the listening gives so much and they don’t feel like they’re getting anything in return. Holly Wild sings about being in this tough position in a romantic relationship on her new upbeat single, “Hard to Love.” If you relate to her story, remember that emotional support is a two-way street in a relationship. In other words, you should get back what you give.

One aspect of the song that stood out to me was the instrumentation. Wild uses the track to vent about the tough times in her relationship. Even so, the music sounds very bright and happy. The blend of the guitar and drums gives off a nostalgic 2000’s vibe. I thought it contrasted very well with the deep and reflective lyrics. In the verses, Wild talks about all the support she gives with lines like “I spent the night by your side trying to be what you needed” and “I’m glad you feel safe enough to show me all of your demons.” On the other hand, the chorus reveals the toll it’s taking on her as she declares “why do you make it so hard to love you?” The bridge further reveals how Wild is truly feeling as she admits “I can’t always be this strong. Sometimes, I’m barely holding on.” Finally, I also liked how the song ends on a positive note. Wild decides she needs to reveal how she feels to her partner in the hopes that the situation will get better.

Holly Wild is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Australia. She grew up in a family that allowed her to embrace her musical talents. She now uses them to inspire her fans to be the best versions of themselves. “Hard to Love” is her third release of 2023. If you want to hear more of Holly Wild, I recommend her song “Wild.” Similar to “Hard to Love,” “Wild” has a very bright sound with a simple acoustic guitar. The lyrics persuade listeners to let go of their burdens. This song aligns perfectly with her overall goal of making music. It is special for another reason, as it is the title track for her upcoming debut EP. From what I’ve heard so far, I know it’s going to be great! Follow all of Wild’s socials down below to stay up-to-date on new releases!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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