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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "hate somebody" - CELINE feat. Skout

When an unknown artist messaged Nashville-based music duo Skout, it was clear that it would soon grow to be a hit single. That is exactly what CELINE did, and the result is her new release “hate somebody”. Produced by Skout as well, the song details the feeling of getting too deep in a relationship that has in turn made you lose love for yourself. It also takes the listener on a journey through CELINE’s mind and their own breakup, of how at first she was unsure of the reasoning but came to realize how right this choice was. It emulates the feeling of falling back into love with yourself and knowing that you can be better. The indie pop vibes fit perfectly with the message of this song, and it is overall extremely well crafted.

At first, CELINE seems lost while singing, as if she does not know how to handle the situation. The pre chorus states “I can only write when I hate somebody / I can't have somebody be you. I can only feel when I'm broken hearted, run run now so you.” It almost seems like she is trying to protect her ex lover, which is a respectable feat when you feel like you were self sabotaging. However, throughout the song she builds in confidence, and soon realizes that the end of the relationship is for the better. The pre chorus after the second verse states, “I can only stay when I trust somebody / I don't think somebody is you / I can only fight if youre fighting for me / run run now so you.” The song is stacked with harmonies and amazing vocals between the two parties, along with a bridge buildup that rivals some of the best bridges in the music industry.

This song is CELINE’s first release, which is truly shocking. It all started with a direct Instagram message to Skout, stating that she had an idea for a song and would love Skout’s collaboration on it. The two were strangers at the time and had never spoken, but two years later they created a work of art. She recently hosted the first SOQUEER SOUNDS, an event that serves as an open mic night for queer individuals in San Diego. Her social media is filled with gracious thanks for everyone involved in this release and who has helped her along the way, and she promises many, many more releases that I am sure will hit just as hard as this one.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni




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