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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "hate ur f**king self" - Kami Kehoe

Kami Kehoe is staking her claim in the alt pop/pop rock world with her new single, "hate ur f**king self." The heavy track is one of 9 featured on her debut album, DRAMA QUEEN. Outlining a journey through healing from a painful breakup, the album captures each stage of the process from feelings of numbness, to anger, and finally forgiveness. "hate ur f**king self" closes the album out, taking us through the pain and heartache, eventually arriving at closure. It's a hauntingly beautiful and powerful song, showing us that healing is possible, and there's strength in forgiveness.

"hate ur f**king self" starts off soft and contemplative, featuring Kami Kehoe's lush vocals floating over flowing guitar lines. The song builds in energy and intensity as a chugging guitar and hard-hitting drums take over, beautifully reflecting the line "Cause seasons change." Between Kehoe's melancholy delivery of the lyrics and her heavy reflection of this past relationship, "hate ur f**king self" flawlessly conveys feelings of heartbreak and the pain that comes with loving someone that constantly hurts you no matter how much you love them. Though the track is filled with deep heartache, it's laced with a feeling of closure and forgiveness—a perfect conclusion to Kehoe's DRAMA QUEEN.

Kami Kehoe continues to push boundaries with her unique genre-fusing sound. She tastefully blends rock, R&B, commercial pop, and funk—an edgy sound showcased on her debut album, DRAMA QUEEN. Kehoe's rise to the spotlight began with the release of "loaded gun," making the young artist a TikTok sensation. The viral hit increased her social media following, amassing more than 10,000 followers overnight. A seasoned musician, the 19-year-old's journey began at the age of 6 when she learned how to play the drums. She eventually began writing her own music and sang back-up vocals in a band with her two sisters. Though the band split when she was 16, Kehoe continued to pursue music, teaching herself how to produce and engineer from her bedroom. She currently has a catalog of over 100 unreleased songs, which continues to grow each day. After hearing what Kehoe has to offer with DRAMA QUEEN, she's definitely an impressive artist to keep on your radar.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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