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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Haunted By You" - Bradley Denniston

Being trapped in a destructive thought cycle over someone you desire can feel suffocating at worse, and awfully distracting at best. In his latest release “Haunted By You”, musical nomad Bradley Denniston described the back-and-forth dynamic of a relationship that left him feeling haunted. There’s something intoxicating about a partnership with high highs and low lows that make it impossible to rid your mind of your person. Denniston embodied the sour feelings of obsession rooted in high hopes and disappointment and somehow turned it into a catchy, relatable single.

“Haunted By You” certainly showcases the musical and productional talents of multi-faceted artist Bradley Denniston. An intro reminiscent of 80’s pop is modernized once gritty vocals move their way into the song. The vocal range of the artist is impressive and suitably complements the musical ebb and flow of the single. Perhaps what is more admirable though is that vocals, instrumentals, production, and writing were all done by the artist himself. After just a brief listen of his latest single, it is clear that Bradley is a gifted and well-rounded musician.

Bradley Denniston has a long history of producing, singing, engineering, and composing platinum-selling music. During his time as a prominent force at Mutato Muzika, his work was featured in several Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy Award Nominated films, TV, and commercials. Additionally, he’s worked with many notable artists such as Gotye, Tegan and Sara, G-Eazy, and The Lonely Island. While impressively releasing his own work, he utilizes his own company, Radium Media, to continue contributing original music to major motion pictures, TV series, and albums with other artists.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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