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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Haunted" - Movie Night

Lingering memories and a lack of closure from a relationship can haunt us more than some of the Halloween horrors we see this time of year. Movie Night captures the feelings surrounding a messy relationship that has ended with their new single, "Haunted." The track reflects an insatiable need for closure, telling the story of two lovers who still aren't over their ended relationship. "Haunted" depicts a scene where the toxic duo return to the hometown bar where they first met, admitting that they're still not over each other. Trying to make peace with the situation, the lead singer shares that he's okay with the memory of his lover haunting him as long as it's mutual, stating, "I don’t mind living with the ghost of me and you/As long as you’re haunted too."

Accompanying the captivating story in "Haunted," Movie Night builds a delicious alt-pop/pop-rock soundscape that'll have you listening to the track again and again. "Haunted" is dripping with edginess, featuring angsty, face-melting guitar riffs and impactful drums. Mike Squillante's deep, sultry vocals are hypnotizing, flawlessly delivering the emotionally charged lyrics. Turning up the heat, Movie Night bounces between casual verses and epic choruses, building from the duo having small talk to unleashing their pent up feelings over the lack of closure. Having an addictive sound, Movie Night is comparable to acts like The Strike, Drive!Drive!, The Catalina, and Recent Rumors.

A rising NYC-based pop/rock trio, Movie Night is comprised of members Mike Squillante (guitar/vocals), Nick Squillante (keys), and Steve Ranellone (drums). The band is formerly known as Running Lights, rebranding themselves as Movie Night with all new songs. Their catalog includes several productions/co-writes with William Wiik Larsen, a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum producer who has worked with the likes of Nico and Vinz, Kygo, and Florida Georgia Line. Showcasing Movie Night's impressive live performance abilities, they have sold out several NYC concert venues, ranging from the Rockwood Music Hall to Gramercy Theatre.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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