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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Haunting Sound of Love" - Neve Bowen

It's hard to make decisions when it comes to life-changing situations, and sometimes it can seem as though it is impossible to make a good choice. In “Haunting Sounds of Love”, Neve Bowen contemplates the struggle of not knowing which decision is the right one. The artist continues showing her emotions by singing about feeling stuck in a toxic relationship. The talented lyricist details being manipulated and the loneliness that comes with making hard choices on your own. Although most love songs lead you into believing that love is a cathartic experience, Neve illustrates how love with an abusive person can be a cage. These raw lyrics are complemented by a soft instrumental that will leave you playing this single on repeat.

This single has a beautiful and subtle acoustic sound. Throughout the track, there is this soft guitar riff that is joined by a gorgeous piano. The combination of these instruments gives off a stripped-down feeling that allows the singer to show her range and shine. “Haunting Sounds of Love“ is a combination of stunning instrumental, vulnerable lyrics, and an outstanding voice. The vocal performance by Neve Bowen in this song is fantastic and transports the listener when she harmonizes layered vocals. This track is peaceful, honest, and thoughtful and will have you trying to sing as breathtakingly as the artist, Neve Bowen.

Neve Bowen is a 19-year singer-songwriter from London, United Kingdom. She released her hit debut track in February 2023 titled, ”Song for Anna”, quickly followed by her second song, “Deep Blue Ocean”, making her latest release her third single which she recorded in Sticky Studios in Surrey. In her music, the singer is beyond honest with her mental health struggles and serious topics. Neve finds inspiration from alternative music and her favorite artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, and Pheobe Bridgers. Make sure to show this new artist some love by giving her song a listen and clicking the links below!

Written By Stephanie Berning

Revised By Kaitlyn Nicole


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