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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Have You Ever Loved Someone" - Banners

As much as love can tear people apart, there is sometimes a rarer, more optimistic love, awaiting around the corner. BANNERS’ new song “Have You Ever Loved Someone” details a special type of relationship, one that’s filled with hope and relief. He goes on to say “Have you ever loved someone so much it tears you apart?”, explaining how all-consuming yet magical love can be, dependent on the person. Thus, if listeners have only experienced rocky relationships so far, this track provides an exuberant makeover to the common heartbreak song, encouraging all of us to fight harder for “true love.”

Starting with high energy guitar strumming, the verse progresses with a punchy drum beat and anthemic vocal doubles, climbing down in energy before the chorus. Reminding me of artists like Bastille, metallic vocal “ahhhs” and crashing drums help drive the song forward, balancing intimate falsetto moments with raw chest delivery. I really appreciate the change in chord progression during the bridge, as the production adds these sweet-sounding wooden knocks. Overall, the song felt brightly joyous, like new beginnings could be just beyond the horizon.

As early as age 7, Michael Nelson began playing music at the Liverpool Cathedral, developing his unique talents with the help of his father. Since then, he’s become somewhat of a household name, garnering wide acclaim and recognition. Amassing 1B+ streams and 6.7 M monthly Spotify listeners, many people have likely come across his 2019 single “Someone To You”, featuring upbeat, cinematic production and authentically optimistic vocal delivery. Having signed to Island Records, Michael released his first EP “Empires on Fire” in 2017 and the self-titled compilation “Banners” in 2016, establishing his controlled yet raw sound. Utilizing everything from soft organ, fast piano, and cinematic drum hits, I have been re-playing his song “Perfectly Broken”, amazed at how intimate and emotive the melodies and lyrics feel. So, although he’s already proven himself as an amazing artist, I hope he continues creating!

Written By: Conner Pettit



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