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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Haven't Found It Yet" - Taia Dya

Rising synth-pop artist Taia Dya has just released her latest single, "Haven't Found It Yet" on February 16th. The coming-of-age track focuses on the trials and tribulations of being young. Drinking, feeling sentimental, and hanging out in the wrong spaces. Growing up can be an overwhelming experience, but as she stresses in this song, a lot of people still 'haven't found it yet.' It's a universal feeling. If you are a fan of dance-pop tracks and artists like Lorde and Charli XCX, Dya's new release "Haven't Found It Yet" is the perfect addition to any of your playlists. After listening to this track, I am so excited to see what she she will release next.

"Haven't Found It Yet" is an exciting, electro-pop ode to being young and confused. Between layers of synth-filled production and sparkling vocals, Dya sings about just growing up and living the high life with alcohol and parties. The verses build into the anthemic chorus as she sings, "'Cause I know it / You know it / We know it / Yeah, we haven't found it yet." Whatever 'it' means for Dya or for you, it is easy to relate to feeling a bit lost or confused in your life. What's your purpose? What are you moving toward? Sometimes, it's okay to admit that you're simply existing and still figuring it out. As a listener, I connected to this feeling and felt energized in singing along with the track.

Electro-pop artist Taia Dya released her first single, "Every Girl," in 2019. Since then, she has gained over 123 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. While she has also released acclaimed EDM tracks, her real passion lies in writing, producing, and recording pop music. Her uplifting pop production and lyricism has combined into an exciting sound. If you enjoyed "Haven't Found It Yet," make sure to check out the rest of Dya's discography. You can also keep up with all the latest information on her music by following the social media links below. I cannot wait to see her release an album in the future.

Written By Sydney Gray



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