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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "he never will" - Alexander Stewart

Viral TikTok sensation Alexander Stewart just released a new single, “he never will,” off of his upcoming EP. This song is all about losing yourself and your self worth in a toxic relationship. The song starts off by Alexander telling a friend an honest truth: you’re his last resort. His friend is holding this guy on a pedestal while they’re sinking down. In the pre-chorus, he says “you say he's gonna change/we've already been through this,” and he’s got the tears on his shoulder to prove it. He tells his friend that it’s sad to see that you don’t know that he’ll always bring you down. Alexander gives his friend even more honest truths, telling them if he doesn’t know how good you are, he never will, and “if he don't know what he wants now/he won’t until it's too late.” Alexander sums up the message of the song with the final lyrics in the chorus: “if he don't treat you right by now, he never will.” He digs into this person's boyfriend even more, saying that he can’t even put in the effort or even think of a better excuse for his actions. This boyfriend said that he’ll always be there, but Alexander says “Guess he found somethin' better to do.” In the bridge, he gives his friend a series of questions: does he make you feel good, does he go out of his way for you, does he make you feel like you’re all he’s ever wanted?

In my opinion, this song is reminiscent of Coldplay, but Alexander also adds his own flair to it. This song sounds nostalgic, with heartfelt and relatable lyrics, with a bit of indie pop thrown into the production. Alexander’s sound is skyscraping pop, and his catalog is filled with heartbreak anthems like this one. Alexander’s voice is immediately captivating, and his vocals are very forward in the track. He uses a bit of pharyngealization, which is sometimes referred to as “cursive singing,” but it’s done in nice moderation. The acoustic guitar in the intro perfectly sets up the melancholic emotional vibe of the track. As the song transitions into the pre-chorus, strong beats are introduced, which crescendos into the powerful punches featured in the chorus. Alexander flexes his incredible voice and range in the entire track, but especially in the choruses and the bridge. The chorus features angelic and heavenly harmonies, and he does octave leaps in the bridge with ease. It’s clear that he is incredibly passionate about his work, and it shows throughout the detailed production.

Alexander Stewart is a singer-songwriter taking the LA music scene by storm. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Alexander has over 300 million streams under his belt. He first went viral posting covers on YouTube, most notably “Havana” by Camilla Cabello, and his first single “Enamorado” was released soon after in 2018. Although many of his songs have gone viral on the internet, his song “i wish you cheated” is by far his most popular song. With over 25 million streams on Spotify alone, this track landed him his debut late night show performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Alexander just finished touring with K-Pop star Eric Nam, and also toured with Charlie Puth on his “Blame’s on Me” tour, which included stops in NYC, LA, the UK, the EU, and Canada. Now, Alexander is releasing another EP, titled “if you only knew,” which is coming out December 8th. It’s clear to see that Alexander Stewart will continue to reach new heights in the music industry.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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