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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Head and Heart" - KRYSTOF

KRYSTOF is the self-proclaimed “CEO of overthinking”. His latest single, “Head and Heart”, shows exactly what overthinking can do. He sings about how his former lover broke his heart, leaving him confused and blindsided. He clearly loved his partner but looking back on the relationship there were many red flags he did not see. In the chorus, he sings “You’d hurt me for your pleasure, then you send me breakup songs that mess with my head. There goes my head again”. His ex-partner intentionally messed with KRYSTOF’s emotions for their own amusement and sent him mixed signals. Now sitting in the aftermath of the relationship, he is left with a broken heart and a broken mind. “Head and Heart” shows the immense anxiety he felt in the relationship, wondering what went wrong, and questioning everything his ex-partner ever felt for him.

KRYSTOF perfectly encapsulates the heartbreak he is feeling in his electro-pop single, “Head and Heart”. The song starts off with a slow tempo, that gradually speeds up as the song continues. The rising tempo may be representing the anxiety that he felt during the entire relationship, wondering if his partner ever loved him. At the end of the chorus, the beat finally drops. He is showing the emotional whiplash that his partner has put him through. He did not know what was coming next, and neither does the listener.

KRYSTOF is a 20-year-old pop singer from Carinthia, Austria. He grew up in a family of musicians, prompting him at the young age of 5 to sing songs he made up himself to express his feelings. He taught himself on guitar and wrote his first official song when he was 14. He started gaining recognition by posting cover songs on Instagram, then promoting his original songs on Spotify and YouTube. KRYSTOF was signed to a Viennese record label, Global Rockstar, when A&R manager, Jazz Egger, discovered him on Instagram in 2020.

Written By Karlee Smith



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