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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Headspace" - Grace Grundy

"Headspace" is a wholesome ballad written for Grace's love. While being stuck in a snowstorm in London, she wrote this song as she was feeling an overwhelming sense of homesicknesses having to be away from her love. That situation inspired her creativity and as a result, she wrote this song about how thinking of that one person who is your safe space can save your soul from the depths of loneliness. With ethereal tones and a beautiful sense of intimacy, Grace created this piece which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being at home.

The first thought I had when listening to this song is it feels very intimate and personal. With the soft piano keys and violin notes, the song has an overwhelming angelic vibe to it. There are very minimal noises in this song so it's easy for listeners to distinguish and fully hear every aspect of this song. Because of this, the song feels even more intimate and adds to the sense of calm that this song is portraying. As for Grace's vocals, her voice is so airy and soft. Her voice perfectly encases the peacefulness that she feels when thinking of her love. And with lines such as "I can feel your heart like it's almost mine" and “You keep me occupied, I think of you all the time” this song is what it sounds like to be at home.

UK Singer-Songwriter Grace Grundy is best known for her cover versions of songs that have amassed hundreds of millions of streams across streaming platforms and social media. Growing up in the South West of England, Grace spent the majority of her teens and early twenties in the pursuit of everything creative within arts, writing and playing music with her sister, and studying illustration. Newly signed to independent record label AllPoints/Believe in 2021, this is set to be the most exciting year of Grace’s career yet with beautiful signature covers and original songs set for sharing with the world.

Written By Melina Darlas



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