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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Hear Me Out" - HeartMouth

With heart in hand, scene veteran Casey Allen is back, this time with HeartMouth, the experimental pop project best known for the 2022 wildfire single, ‘I Know You Know (Wrapped Around Your Finger).’ Highly produced and polished to a tee, the mellow new offering “Hear me Out” is sure to captivate listeners with its emotional, uncompromising sound. Putting an anguished, ambient spin on the time-tested ‘pop ballad,’ Allen introduces conventional themes such as love, miscommunication… over an experimental, choir-leaning track. Rife with elements of sound healing and post-pop–presented in a sleek, stylized package–this is HeartMouth like you’ve never heard him beore! This is music that speaks… this is music that feels

Known for boasting a musical resume as wide as it is deep, Allen has been reticent to “define” HeartMouth since the project’s inception; dabbling in EDM, alt-pop, now the aesthetic angst of mainstays like The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Post Malone–“Hear me Out” finds the frontman employing poetry and repetition to draw new life from a simple, meditative instrumental. From the start, Allen’s voice sits at the helm, leading the way as his tenor gels with gentle piano and soothing strings. Across “Hear Me Out,” lyrical and melodic motifs help anchor the track, providing direction and familiarity amidst an otherwise circular soundscape. The words “hear me out” shine bright, as does the punchy, repetitive phrasing of “I know! I know!” For the first two minutes, the track functions like a vocal soli, at times punctuated by colorful ornaments (strings, percussion, etc…) But rounding the 2:45 mark, the song makes a U-turn… Allen’s energetic vocals finally find a counterpart as the song picks up steam, leading into a cathartic final chorus! With angelic harmonies and orchestral bravado, the song breaks into an emotive ending; Allen stretches his range as he embraces burning, post-hardcore passion!

For HeartMouth, music and malady have always gone hand in hand… As HeartMouth–North Carolina-native, Casey Allen, struggled to achieve his dream of pursuing music–poor health, obstacles, and fortunately, opportunity, continued to make life more than interesting… With roots in modern metal, folk music, and beyond, it’s no surprise that Allen has found success with this most recent outlet, thriving in the role of frontman and solo artist! “Gathering inspiration from the harder times in his life,” listeners will be sure to appreciate the honesty and openness that defines this moving music!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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