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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "heart scream summer" - Lunar June

Adulthood is scary; but feeling and looking like an adult is petrifying. For example, I’m prematurely greying at 25, and not gracefully mind you. No sleek silver streak like Maxwell Sheffield from The Nanny or Rogue from X-Men. Instead, mine comes in random strands that are littered across the hairline of my dark brunette hair. It’s become a source of great anxiety because it reminds me that life is approaching fast - whether or not I’m ready for it. But Lunar June’s latest single has given me a different perspective. In “heart scream summer”, June acknowledges the uneasiness of emerging adulthood while also encouraging listeners to openly accept change.

The hyper-pop single “heart scream summer” doubles as an ode to young adulthood by recognizing the flood of emotions that come with this chapter. Through lyrical dissonance, June highlights how such a perceived exciting time of life can also fill one with immense dread. The single opens with upbeat, energetic synths that invoke euphoria in any listener. This is what your twenties should feel like, right? However, the opening verse paints a different picture. Our artist is experiencing a “tidal wave”: they’re overwhelmed with the surplus of changes occurring all around them. And these changes are making them feel disconnected from both themselves and their friends. The latter especially when they see their friends making this transition into adulthood effortlessly in the chorus. In layered vocals, June expertly encapsulates the state of panic we find ourselves in when feeling adrift at sea while everyone else has managed to to set sail for land. It makes one believe they’re “fall[ing] by the wayside”. Instead of letting the fear of being left behind and ultimately the future keep her stagnant, though, our artist fully embraces it. She’s not only giving herself the space to thoroughly feel these emotions, but coming to terms with the fact that a great deal of adulthood revolves around moments that challenge our sense of familiarity. June pulls this off by personifying this fear into a charming, red monster in the song’s accompanying music video. This monster - this fear - is the “you” being addressed in the song’s later verses. While change is always intimidating at first, it does get easier to adapt to when we confront the part of ourselves shrouded in fear and embrace it with open arms.

Olivia Judd, better known as Lunar June, is the ultimate one-woman show from West London. June is not only a singer and songwriter, but also the arranger and producer for her own music - serving originality and authenticity from top to bottom. The artist’s youth was filled with performing in orchestras and bands; finally experimenting with electronica in her late teens. Eventually creating the riveting soundscapes of what listeners now know as Lunar June’s music. Earlier this year, June released their debut EP jaded/faded. The EP’s four tracks take listeners through a period of the artist's, dazzling them with resonating lyrics and dreamy electronic-pop. If you’ve enjoyed June’s embrace of young adulthood as much as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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