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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Heartbreak" - Audriix

Closure is an essential element in all relationships because it provides a clear understanding of what went wrong, as well as ensuring that there aren’t any lingering feelings or unanswered questions. It signifies the end of a relationship and paves the way for both individuals to move forward. However, in “Heartbreak,” Audriix shares her experience of being in a toxic and abusive relationship and in an attempt of moving on with different methods, such as therapy, meeting other people, and going no contact, she was still unable to let go. She was holding onto her lingering feelings for him and holding onto the hope that the relationship isn't over. This struggle is oddly common, as many people find it challenging to move on from relationships where they deserved better. Closure is an important step in fully letting go. Without it, emotions linger, your mind is occupied with thoughts about them, your healing process is put to a halt, and it prevents you from finding someone new.

Audriix makes it known that this wasn’t a healthy, happy relationship. It was toxic, and even therapy couldn't fully help her in moving on from him: “Years have passed since you were good to me. You owe me for all my therapy. Now I know that you will never change.” Although he had damaged her mentally and emotionally, she still finds herself having a little piece of hope that they could rekindle their relationship: “In my head, won't let go. I’m so mad at myself for having hope.” She acknowledges that this is wrong and that it’s preventing her from living life, finding happiness again, and moving on: “I want the heartbreak, so I can cry and just move on. Give me a clean break, I’m so tired trying to hold on. Cuz I know it's not right from the way that we fight. But the fear of what's next is messing with my head. Just give me a heartbreak, so I can be glad you’re gone and just move on.” Audriix, and everyone relating to her, definitely deserves a happy, healthy relationship. You should never tolerate partners who mistreat you, and it's important to have the strength to leave those that do, and seek the happiness that you deserve.

Audriix, the impressive pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is not only known for her killer vocals, but also for her mastery of a diverse range of instruments that include the violin, viola, piano, guitar and drums. She’s been involved in music since the age of 2, where she sparked an interest in playing the violin, and at the age of 6, she started writing songs. Since then, she released her EP “Colors” in 2015, and her debut album “Status Change” in 2019, as well as many singles afterwards. In 2021, she did a 27-city tour as she opened for Madison Beer’s Life Support tour. Also, she was self-producing her music while attending Stanford, later earning three degrees. Check out “Heartbreak” by Audriix out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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