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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Heaven" - Gabi DeMartino

An Affair to Remember has withstood time and cemented itself as one of the greatest romance movies in American cinematic history. Rightfully so; who doesn’t like a love story about two soulmates destined to find each other regardless of the circumstances they face? Some of us can only dream for an unconditional love that knows no bounds and is willing to wait. While the 1957 film certainly holds up better than most movies of the era, it still might be indigestible for some movie-goers. But thankfully we have artists like Gabi DeMartino to pay respect to these iconic stories of the past by modernizing it for a new generation to enjoy and become enamored with it. DeMartino’s latest single, “Heaven”, is not only a reimagining of An Affair to Remember, but beckons listeners to envision their own personal heaven.

“Heaven” is a dream-pop single that highlights the idea of paradise being distinctive to each individual person. Simply put, your view of heaven might greatly differ from another’s. The single opens with ethereal chimes and background harmonization - invoking the idealistic image of angels greeting you at the pearly gates. It also signifies that what’s to unfold within the confines of the song is DeMartino’s conceptualization of paradise. The first verse lays out how our artist lives in a continuous state of stress and scrutiny, but the presence of a particular person assuages their troubled mind. It’s one of the many reasons that’s led them to fall for this person. But our artist is living in “fight or flight” because they’re abiding by others’ ideas and expectations of how they should live. But DeMartino makes it clear in the pre-chorus that they’re tired of following “every rule” and playing “by everybody’s game”. And disengaging from others’ ideas begins with DeMartino reclaiming her own fantasies; she’s designing her own heaven featuring her input and only her input. In the stylistic and synthesized chorus, DeMartino rewords one of the most memorable lines from An Affair to Remember to symbolize stepping away from conformity as they confide in listening audiences that their love interest is the “closest thing to heaven” for them. The ensuing verse gives insight into the paradise that was being forced upon our artist by others - mirroring the entanglements the lovers from the film find themselves in. DeMartino and the film’s lovers are all engaged to others; and while their respective fiancés and fiancée can get them the “the life” they want - it doesn’t compare to the intense desire they have for the people that seem to constantly “cross [their] mind”. And they owe it to themselves to explore this desire, especially since it’s the closest they’ll get to their vision of paradise while remaining true to themselves.

Gabi DeMartino’s success in the social sphere can be traced back to 2012; when she alongside her twin sister, Niki DeMartino, created their joint YouTube Channel Niki and Gabi. Quickly amassing millions of subscribers, the sisters set their sights on releasing music together. A few years later, the two began solo music careers and YouTube channels. Fancy Vlogs by Gab made the artist a popular and well-respected content creator, while her 2020 solo debut EP Gabroadway paved them a permanent place in the music industry. This was shortly followed up with her vulnerable 2022 album, Paintings of Me. But Gabi the powerhouse has other impressive ventures to chalk up like their acting, producing, and entrepreneurship. Listeners might recognize Gabi from their cameo in Ariana Grande's "thank u, next". And perfume connoisseurs have most definitely fallen in love with her signature fragrance Beautiful Mess. If you’ve enjoyed Gabi DeMartino’s modernization of An Affair to Remember as much as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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