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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Heaven Underground" - Agnes Hustler x Leyonclou

" One year hotter than the other." It's no secret that our planet is getting destroyed more and more each day. Climate change is a serious issue, but yet a lot of us choose to ignore it. Even if we wanted to do something about it, it would be nearly impossible without the funding and raising awareness. There will come a time where it's impossible to ignore if we don't do something to heal our world. 'Heaven Underground' by Swedish indie artists Agnes Hustler and Leyonclou is a rebellious song that stands up to the rich and powerful who could care less what happens to the common person. If the world ends, there is no heaven underground; but long they're making money, they will never consider what is actually important. But why does money determine your worth and your right to be alive? Greed kills, and Agnes & Leyonclou are fed up.

Dressed in suits, the duo stick it to the man in their high energy music video. Mixing both of their styles and influences of alt-pop and punk rock, 'Heaven Underground' gives off a early 2000's nostalgic punk-pop band vibe, reminiscent of Paramore and Fall Out Boy. Each of their unique vocal styles - Agnes' soul and strength and Leyonclou's brightness and effortless range - blend so well together to create the captivating nature of this song. The melody features perfect 5th's and major 6th's that have you wanting to sing along, which is exactly what they want you to feel. You'll find yourself getting this song stuck in your head and singing it through out the day until the meaning of it sticks. The power of this song could change your perspective of the state of the world.

Agnes Hustler is a Swedish independent pop artist, songwriter and creator currently based in Stockholm. Releasing music since 2019, Agnes has stated that 'Heaven Underground' is one of her favorite and most important songs. In 2022 alone, she released 4 singles and a remix. 'Heaven Underground' is her first song 2023 and I can't wait to see what else she has in store. Leyonclou also reigns from Sweden as an independent singer-songwriter who is inspired by legendary names like Lady Gaga and Paramore. Although she's only officially released 3 songs including this collaboration with Agnes, her music career started a really young age and she has been writing songs since she was 7 years old. Her official debut single released in 2021, 'Liquor Excuses' gained over 300,000 streams of Spotify. She has studied at quite a few critically acclaimed songwriting school and has toured as a back-up singer with one of Scandinavia's biggest artists, Laleh. Both of these artists are one to watch as we continue to witness their musical journeys flourish.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole




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