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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "help" - Macey Estes

Here’s the thing about life: it can be difficult. Sometimes, we lose ourselves, we feel lost, we make mistakes, we get our hearts broken. In Macey Estes’ confessional but uplifting track “help,” she explores the depths of life and mental health to send the message that we can simply ask for help when we need it. Her vulnerable lyrics and soulful vocals make this song one that we can turn to to feel seen and comforted. Her understanding about the complexity of the human experience shines through between a blend of pop and R&B production. This song is one that she said she wrote "quickly and naturally," which explains the true authenticity in it. If you are looking for an artist that wears her heart on her sleeves, Macey Estes is one to watch.

Macey Estes uses the verses of this track to talk about her own struggles. The apartment she can struggle to afford, the difficulty to show love to someone, the watching your parents fall in and out of love, the realization that some things just do not turn out okay. Life is not easy, but as Estes sings in her chorus, "It's okay / It's okay to ask for a little help." She opens up about her life and admits that she is not always okay. The honesty in her lyrics, backed by rich vocals and a soft pop instrumentation, makes Estes feel like a friend or older sister that we're confiding in her; there is a conversational aspect to her song that makes it truly stand out. Mental health, fear, insecurity, love, and confusion are all themes that shine through the song and can resonate deeply with listeners.

Ever since she stepped on a stage in Nashville, Macey Estes has wanted to make music. She auditioned for "The Voice," where Christina Aguilera said she had a "really cool voice." Her vocals are strong, and so are her lyrics. Her debut EP "Save Yourself" contained similar themes to "help" of mental health and heartbreak. She has been compared to Kehlani and cites Alessia Cara and H.E.R. as influences. This can be seen in the way she blurs the line between pop and R&b with her vocals and music. She has also moved past writing and singing music to learn the production; she studied music production at Indiana University. In 2018, she then moved to LA with her team, where she has further developed her sound. Macey Estes' "help" opens up her heart to us, and I cannot wait to dive into more of her music.




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