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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Help Me Out" - Conal Kelly

Running away from your problems is equivalent to digging a hole. The farther you run, the deeper the hole will get. Since avoiding it is not the answer, might as well face it. The problem is that facing problems is difficult, and can be discouraging enough for us to never actually face our problems. It would be so much better if we could have someone else pull us out of this rut so that we wouldn't have to feel so stuck. "Help Me Out" is an enrapturing single by Conal Kelly about the woes of being stuck in the vicious cycle of not being able to cure your own problems. Despite the cheerful melody, this song is a plead for anyone to yank him out of this standstill.

All aspects of this song blend so beautifully. The pitch of Conal's vocals matches the electric guitar and melody so perfectly that it makes the song very audibly pleasing. There is so much passion in Conal's voice allowing for the message of the song to have an even bigger impact. The melody of this piece is really fun and gives the same energy as a warm summer day. Every aspect of the piece, whether it's the instrumentals, the beat, or the vocals, gets the spotlight at one point or another in this song. This allows for every layer of the piece to be heard in its own light at random points to captivate listeners.

Beginning in 2016 Conal Kelly made his way in the music industry with his band Watercolours. After a few years of creating music, he and his two bandmates decided to disband in 2019. Conal realized that he was too passionate about music ever to stop, so he became a solo artist in the alternative/indie genre despite his fears. Since this breakaway, he has released singles such as "I Wanna Be So Much More Than Your Friend" and "Really Don't Like You." Conal's pieces have an intense electric sound to them that instantly brings the mood up, and he easily keeps listeners captivated throughout each song.

Written By Melina Darlas



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