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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Help Will Be There Soon" - Minno

A motivational electronic anthem that serves as a reminder to anyone to not lose hope during difficult times, because you’ll always have people at your side to uplift you. It’s an important message to write about, which is why “Help Will Be There Soon” by Minno should be the next song to be added to your motivational playlist. The song serves as a tool to help you unwind when you feel stuck and helpless, but it’s catchy enough to have fun as well. The song is accompanied by the fantastic vocal performance of Sophie DeFrench, who helps complete the track. Having such inspirational lyrics be the subject of an atmospheric electronic track serves as a reminder that these hopeless feelings are a very human and universal experience, and we should keep this in mind at all times. Minno’s track is exactly the anthem that needed to be made.

The production of the song feels very futuristic and modern, as well as very clean. A nice aspect of the song is the way it’s able to build up on itself, it’s what portrays the uplifting nature of the song’s subject matter. For the most part, the lyrics of the song remain positive, but during the chorus, we see more transparency as to how it feels to be in these dark moments. There’s this clear focus on the feeling of drowning about being completely overwhelmed with despair. It makes the song feel more theatrical, the dramatization of the situation. It’s the line “SOS save my soul” that gets repeated throughout the chorus that truly stands out because it shows the speaker isn’t afraid of asking for help from their situation. It shows a level of emotional maturity to be able to admit that you need help. As mentioned before, Sophie DeFrench sings on this track and her voice is effective in emphasizing the emotions of the song. Her vocal performance helps shape the imagery in our heads as we listen. Overall, “Help Will Be There Soon” does well in pushing its message while keeping listeners entertained.

Minno is an electronic music producer based in Austin, Texas. He currently has over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and his most popular track, “Glory,” has over a million streams. He brings a very therapeutic and precise touch to electronic music, which is what makes his sound so entertaining. It’s a style that is often overlooked in the electronic space and this makes Minno stand out as more unique than other artists. With this fresh style, Minno brings to the table, it’s clear that he will begin to make a name for himself soon in this music space. Songs like “Help Will Be There Soon” show a level of dedication to spreading positive messages that not a lot of artists do. This is why Minno is the next artist to add to your playlist.

Written By Chantal Charles


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