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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Her and I" - Calliope Wren

“Her and I” is a sultry alternative rock anthem that explores the realizations that can come from discovering your sexuality. Deep into the night, a girl grows closer and closer with another girl she has met. As things heat up and clothes disappear, she feels more physically and within herself. Sensations brew within her and she realizes things about herself she never fully understood before this moment. She has been searching her entire life for something more and finds it within another woman who desires her just as much. Everything feels right, but it also as though it is more than that. All that she senses come from something greater than herself. Coming to terms with who she desires and being able to indulge in that feels as though this is who she is. Her desiring women and being desired back by women is akin to heaven for her. She finds paradise within her physical and emotional connections with this woman.

Calliope Wren’s latest single is as sexy as it is introspective, with an instrumentation to match its vast array of emotions. The standout aspect of this song is the explicitly LGBTQ+ themes of its lyrics. The lyrics offer bold and proud exclamations of a woman detailing her sexuality. Every handwritten word of “paradise” and “heaven” to describe a girl by her side is paired sweetly with the bold instrumentation. Every hard hitting drum beat and bass note precedes the speaker being outspoken with how life-changing her experience is for her and her sexuality. Wren’s belting voice is ear candy as much as it accentuates the message of this single. Her voice is at the forefront and seemingly takes pride in every self realizing line. She boldly takes pride in every proclamation of admiration for another woman and it makes everything stand out that much more.

Calliope Wren is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Long Island and is a proudly outspoken LGBTQ+ and mental health advocate. She has an extensive and impressive music and performing career that spans a number of years. She studied and majored in musical theater under the wing of David Krasner. Wren has opened for many artists such as O-Town and Backstreet Boy; Aj Mclean. She has also performed at well-known musical theaters and venues such as the Amityville Music Hall and The Friars Club. She is well known throughout New York in various musical scenes through networking. She has created her own community; an “Artist Development” community that spreads her knowledge and connections throughout social media for other artists and enjoyers. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Her and I” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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