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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Here Again" - Chloe Copoloff

This song is reminiscent of the moment when you’re driving through a storm, rain pounding so hard it drowns out your deepest thoughts, then you go through a tunnel, and for a moment, it’s silent, so you take a deep breath and prepare for the water to hit any second. That lapse in chaos while waiting for the other shoe to drop is the somber felt in Chloe Copoloff’s “Here Again”. We’ve all had a period in our life where we are impatiently waiting for the water to hit again, just to feel something, even if that is pain. Chloe says, “I still got the box of cigarettes. The one that you said would be your last,” This is a harrowing line of relatability. When you so desperately hope and demand your partner will give up their bad habits, only to realize, you must’ve been one of them. People come and people go. It’s as simple as that, but we as simple creatures, can’t understand that. We ask ourselves “Why do some people come into our lives only to leave it?” after altering it completely, nevertheless, and “Why do some people leave a lasting impression, as if they’ve tattooed their name into our heart?” and yet we convince ourselves they never think of us at all. That self doubt and false hope can turn as bitter as the black coffee you bought just for him, but Chloe’s longing for just a taste of the sweetness she once called home. We all have letters we wish we could say, whether on physical paper or in the file cabinets of our mind, and more often than not, we never say it and never send them. Some words, and some people, are better left in the past, and we know this to be true, but can’t get our heart to align with our head, so we are left wishing, wanting, and hoping. We can wish that fight didn’t happen; we can want him to call; we can hope he’ll forget everything and walk through that door, but it is not up to us to convince him to come home, it is up to us to become comfortable in the uncomfortable and find little ways to be okay on our own, and what’s meant to be will be, even if that love you’ve been yearning for has just been self love all along.

“Here Again” starts with a couple notes from the piano that break the subdued silence, and then just as your ears perk up, you’re hit with this dark, rich sound that is carried out through the remainder of the song. Chloe’s voice is so powerful and unique, and you can feel every emotion she has through the speaker. Her tone, range, and intensity is evocative to artist Chelsea Cutler. This song will be playing as you scream in the shower; this song will be the one you stay in the car to finish even though you got home 3 minutes ago; this song will make you not feel alone when you crave someone and pray for their return. Chloe understands the complex mind of a woman, and it is riveting and requisite to have her say what every heartbroken woman is feeling.

Chloe Copoloff is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. She is 24 years old, but when you listen to her music, you can tell she has an old-soul with a lot of life experiences. She believes that speaking her truth and sharing her stories is crucial because you never know who can relate and how many people you can help. She wants her success to come from her courage and honesty with the world. She has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. She used to write lyrics in her diary, and taught herself how to play guitar at the ripe age of 12, and now we are lucky she chooses to share her gifts with the world. She has overcome true struggles in her past, but no matter what changes in life, music is her one constant that has gotten her through it all. She took every opportunity as a kid to be on stage and perform, and now she has turned her dream into her reality. Her music contains important messages, relatable thoughts, and cautionary tales of romance, breakups, and this little thing called life. Chloe is just getting started, and with her open heart, deep soul, and raw talent, there is no stopping her.

Written By Grace Chapman



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