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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Here Right Now" - Ferester

Ferester’s “Here Right Now” is all about reminiscing, reminding, and remembering. Reminiscing on times when we weren’t so consumed with distractions; reminding ourselves to focus on the important parts of life; remembering that time is fleeting, and we should live every moment like it could be our last. It can be difficult to be present in the here and now, but the past is gone, and the future is tomorrow’s problem, so when life gets overwhelming, it’s best to stay grounded, plant your feet firmly, and run wherever the moment takes you. Life should be lived through the eyes of a child. Before distractions like social media and relationships, life was about having fun. The only care in the world was the impending sunset that would send us inside and end our day of play. The best self-care around is taking back control in your own life and doing the things you want to do with the people you want to spend time with. Life is too short to worry about yesterday or fear tomorrow, all we have is today, and there is simply nothing better than being here right now.

This epic-sounding, self-produced, Alt-Pop track is a captivating song with an astounding message. Everyone feels overwhelmed at times, and “Here Right Now” is the perfect song to bring you back down to earth and remind you to be present, and enjoy the current moment you’ve been gifted. This song highlights Ferester’s enchanting vocals that are at the forefront of this song. The music begins minimal but the intensity gradually grows just like the optimism you feel while listening. This is a pump-up song that is apropos for every day. No matter what you’re feeling, or what you’re fearing, “Here Right Now” is an essential track to remind you that life is what you make it, so turn it up to 10 and take back the power in your own life.

Ferester, also known as Spencer O’Grady, is a 23 year old British/American singer/songwriter and producer. He is from Aberdeen, Scotland and is now based in Glasgow. His passion for music took off from a young age, and his craft and vision improve with each and every song he creates out of his living room. Ferester melds modern pop and organic instrumentation to create art that is both fresh and new and nostalgic.You can feel the good energy and dedication through his music, and he is only getting started. With songs that are seeped with quintessential life lessons, Spencer is going to take the world by storm, so follow him on social media below, and be a part of the positive movement.

Written By Grace Chapman



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