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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Here" - Shika Lord

Shika Lord releases emotional, breakbeat masterpiece, “Here,” filled with vulnerable honesty and ethereal sonics. “Here” is like the secret diary we keep in the four walls of our mind when our heart finally meets a worthy opponent. Some connections are too powerful for the rest of the world to understand, so we dream of running away to a far away land where it’s just us and a never-ending landscape to fall in love and mend each other’s scars. While it’s not as feasible to hop on a plane to a hidden island, running away from reality is easy when your travel partner is the one you’ve always been searching for. You’ve never felt love and emotion like this, and you know this connection is once in 30 lifetimes, so you hold on for dear life, and want to keep them all to yourself in fear of outside influences trying to break it apart. One day you’re broken, questioning if anyone out there will ever understand you, and next thing you know, someone waltzes in, the tides change, and you will forever question how you lived a previous life without them. Love is a magical entity, but with love comes great fear. When you meet the one who gives you that first pulse in your prior black heart, they become your oxygen and your life source, and soon enough you start recognizing the person in the mirror again, the grey sky has finally returned to blue, the flowers bloom in the dead of winter, and at last, they brought you back to life. It’s a love that feels otherworldly, so you want to protect it and hide it from the rest of the world that can be so dark. No matter where you are in the world, everyone fades and it’s just you two, and euphoria begins with one glance or one touch, and you escape to a secluded sanctuary, and even if it’s just in your mind, you two are no longer here, and you’re finally free and abundantly safe.

Sound designer Shika Lord creates an auditory masterpiece with “Here”. The bedroom-pop singer uses reminiscent vocals and a dreamy choir to create a visual experience while listening to the song. The song begins slow and fragile, but as the beat builds, you are transported on a journey with a couple in love who holds each other tightly and escapes from reality. Shika Lord was inspired by soul geniuses, Rag ’n’ Bone Man and Yebba Smith, for the jazz undertone and complex composition. “Here” is an authentic piece right from the soul. Shika Lord exudes raw emotion, and her unique orchestration choices take you on a transcendent journey from start to finish.

Shika Lord, also known as Angelica Shortanov, is an incredibly talented bedroom/lo-fi pop artist. She combines her indie, alt-pop sound with her roots in classical and jazz music to create a sound like no other. Her emotions seep into every word she utters, and she tells a story through her craft. Shika Lord is a bedroom-pop producer, singer/songwriter, and sound designer. Her talents combine to create a spiritual experience every time you hit play. A wordsmith and a pioneer in orchestration variety, Shika Lord is one to watch out for. Follow her on social media below, and buckle your seatbelt for the celestial journey her music will inescapably take you along for!

Written By Grace Chapman



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