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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Here We Go Again" - Victoria Staff

"Here We Go Again" is one of the five tracks released as part of Victoria Staff's debut EP, Records & Honesty. The title for this EP is fitting, as Staff honestly pours out her heart and life to her listeners, particularly in this recent song. "Here We Go Again" details the chaotic and exciting cycle of a relationship with someone. It is about knowing that neither of you have changed or grown from the mistakes, but still coming back together and making them again. With years of songwriting experience under her belt, it is clear from this recent release Victoria Staff will be one to watch as she grows in the industry.

In "Here We Go Again," Staff's sparkling vocals come in for the first verse, as she sings about being left broken-hearted, trying to move on, and then being pulled back to this subject of the song again when he calls. It is about a back-and-forth, merry-go-round type relationship that continues to be toxic and messy. Here, the lyrics are sung fast-paced, like Staff is just pouring out all her thoughts and emotions into the track. Transitioning to the chorus, she describes this cycle and how this romantic partner makes her feel with lyrics like "It's all the same and we both lie and say we've changed just a little" and "If I shake it's 'cause your love makes me shake just a little." Both partners know that they haven't changed. They know that they're doing the same things. But they continue to come to together and then break apart, anyways. It is an honest and authentic song full of gentle vocals, pop melodies, and soft instrumentation.

Multi-talented, singer-songwriter Victoria Staff came into her music career after studying Behavioral Neuroscience at UBC. Her aim had been to inspire and help people with their anxieties and trauma, but she discovered that singing and writing songs was her passion. For Staff, writing songs is a way of processing emotions and improving her mental health. It is also a way to connect with an audience of listeners that might share similar experiences or emotions, a way to help them feel seen and comforted. Victoria Staff might have just debuted into the industry with her first release "Records & Honesty" on January 18, 2023, but I am already excited to see what music she will put out next.

Written By Sydney Gray



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