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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Here With You" - The Starkillers

“Here With You” is the perfect combination of upbeat music, and emotional lyrics. The gentle guitar that opens up the song sets the stage for the emotional journey that will soon come. The song’s lyrics navigate the feelings of whether or not the singer will be able to leave a person in their life. Lyrics like, “I don't know, if I should stay or go”, let listeners know that there is a struggle the singer has in whether they should be with this person or not. The song dives into this idea, and despite hesitation and doubt, the singer realizes that deep down, their heart tells them they want to be with this person. "Here With You" does a great job at depicting the nuance of situations and emotions like the one presented, allowing listeners to become invested into the story.

"Here With You" begins with a gentle guitar melody, creating a beautiful opening for the song. As the song continues it begins to take on more depth, and anticipation for the chorus rises. A drum beat then picks up the song leading into the chorus. At the chorus the music takes on full shape, as it reaches a both a musical and emotional climax. The song’s emotional depth can really be felt in the chorus through the powerful vocals of the lead singer. The vocals add a depth and intensity to the emotional situation being presented throughout the song.

The Starkillers, is a band founded by Jon Omen, that consists of four members. The Starkillers are musicians focused on creating their own space, within the music scene. They’ve already had an impressive start to this goal, as they've used contemporary references to create new and fresh sounding music. The band itself does a great job of combining different genres together, which is shown in their new song “Here With You”. Their music draws similarities to bands such as The Killers, and Coldplay. Definitely check out The Starkillers if you are looking for a familiar but fresh sound.

Written By Alison Holst



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