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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Heroes of the Heart" - The Strike

“Heroes of the Heart” by The Strike is a magnetic alt-pop song about the ways we show up for each other. The feel-good dance beat partnered with the clear concise lyrics elicits the emotion of hope during our down times. “Heroes of the Heart” highlights the big impact small actions of solidarity have on those around us. Whether stranger or loved one. The effect of kindness is everlasting and the act of asking for help is a signifier of strength through vulnerability. “We wanted to write an anthem for the people who show up in simple ways and remind us that no matter what happens, we’re not broken,” says frontman Chris Crabb of The Strike.

This is evident through the anthemic chorus “When all the walls cave in, when we have reached the end, when it all falls apart, we’ll be the heroes of the heart”. The lyrics are concise and drive the message behind the importance of kindness and the positive ripple effect it has on those around us. The Strike makes it clear in “Heroes of the Heart” that the weight of the things that burden us cannot break us, especially when we are there to lift one another in times of need. The synthwave beat paired with the pulsating drums, and the guitar riffs create a beat reminiscent of 1980s pop that makes me feel nostalgic for my youth. After what feels like the longest and toughest winter I’ve experienced emotionally, this is the perfect song to enter spring. It just feels like the frost has thawed and better days are to come no matter the obstacles as long as we have each other to lean on.

The Strike is a 5 member alternative pop band from Los Angeles, CA that gained attention after the release of their debut album “Faint of Heart”, earning their song “Human Right” a spot on Netflix's hit movie original “To All the Boys I’ve loved” soundtrack. The same album featured the song “Eye for an Eye” on Netflix’s hit series “On My Block” season one. Hand-picked by Legendary Grammy Award-winning artist Quincy Jones for a residency in Dubai, The Strike has since toured with artists Carly Rae Jepsen, Kelly Clarkson, Cold War Kids, and so many more. Their rise to fame due to their blend of alternative rock, pop, and synthwave is reminiscent of 1980s pop music. The Strike leaves a lasting feel-good impression with their anthemic lyrics and pulsating beats that I can only describe as the feeling of summer. Their music has an infectious dose of good energy, but don’t take my word for it, take a listen down below, you won’t be disappointed.

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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