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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Hesitate" (feat. OSKA) - Hazlett

Why is it so hard to end a relationship? Is it because we rationalize that it’s better to be with someone that makes us feel half-empty, then no one at all? Or could it be due to some lingering hope that the relationship can be what it once was? Regardless, there’s always some hesitation when it comes to this decision. Hazlett’s “Hesitate” provides listeners with some insight into this reluctance.

“Hesitate” is a soft guitar ballad revolving around a couple’s hesitation to end their relationship. The song opens with Hazlett relaying to the audience in the first verse that the relationship at hand is beyond “repairs”. Following this up with people from the outside looking in have no idea that this relationship has run its course because the two partners have never disclosed “the hell” they’ve gone through together. All before revealing to listeners that they “don’t talk like we used to”. Hazlett demonstrates beautifully that the foundation of this relationship relied on communication, and the decline of it has unfortunately contributed to the couple not knowing where they stand with one another. The uncertain future of the relationship is emphasized in the chorus where listeners hear a last plea for any communication – any sign that this is the end. But there’s still some hesitation. We then get to hear about the relationship from the other partner, vocalized through OSKA. In the third and fourth verse, OSKA expresses confusion about how the relationship wound up here while simultaneously being nostalgic for the connection they once shared. But this confusion outweighs the nostalgia and contributes to their inability to communicate. The chorus is then sung with both parties, highlighting that both desperately want to communicate - except, they don't know how to anymore. This makes the hesitation a double entendre; not only are they hesitating to communicate, but they’re also hesitating to make a definitive judgment about the future of the relationship.

Hazlett was born in Australia but grew up in Sweden. The nomadic artist’s music centers on storytelling; ranging from emulating the feel of oral tradition by providing much-needed advice, to confessions in a secret diary. Which makes his rare live performances all the more welcoming. Meanwhile featuring Austrian artist, OSKA, has upcoming live performances scheduled over the next few months – information regarding these performances can be found through her Instagram. “Hesitate” is one of the singles that audiences can find on Hazlett’s newly released album, ‘Bloom Mountain ’. The album perfectly captures the experience of being in your 20's where the emotions certain moments possess are often times more memorable than the hazy details surrounding them. If you’ve enjoyed the combined presence of Hazlett and OSKA as much as I have, show the two some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille




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