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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Hey!" - PEPTALK

Having trauma from your past can really effect the relationships you have moving forward in life, whether it be romantically, friendly or even with your family members. You find yourself being extra cautious and skeptical of the thought that anyone could love or care about you. When you finally do find that unconditional love with someone, you can still struggle internally. You're scared you'll mess up the relationship, that one day they'll just decide to leave you because you're too "crazy". "Hey!" by PEPTALK narrates the timeline of finding someone who makes you feel good about yourself, but you're still anxious of getting too close because you may lose them due to the intrusive thoughts that tell you you're going to ruin it somehow.

"Hey!" is genius. The lyrics are written on a god tier of creativity. They're relatable, they flow well and they sound great with the music. The soundscape of this song is the definition of "bop". This is the perfect song to scream at the top of your lungs while you are dancing around your bedroom alone. This song will make anyone with anxiety and trauma feel seen and understood. Every detail of this song was perfectly crafted into an incredible piece of art that is bound to be stuck in your head for ages. With hints of pop and nostalgic rock, this song will be on repeat in your car; I guarantee it.

PEPTALK is a female trio from Australia! Consisting of Phoebe Sinclair (lead vocals),

Jay-Lee Kwan (keys), and Lara Frew (bass), this is the ultimate friend group we all wish we had. Utilization their friendship and incredible chemistry, they took their songwriting talents and created the triple-threat project known as PEPTALK. Influenced by the unique sounds of HAIM, MUNA and Remi Wolf, PEPTALK started they're journey together earlier in 2022 starting with their independent release of their debut single, 'White Sneakers'. This is just the beginning for this group and they're already captivating the world with listeners and collaborators all the way from South Korea to across the world in Canada and the USA. You cannot miss out on this magical experience that is PEPTALK.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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