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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "HEY YOU" - Anna Starlight

After listening to “HEY YOU” by Anna Starlight, I was just about ready to grab some friends, a booming speaker, and go dancing all night long. Energetic and full of vibe, “HEY YOU” feels like a mix between modern pop and a dive back into 80s electronic music. Anna tells a tale of “the wildest divas in this club” who are “the stars of the night” on the dance floor. Their mission is plain and simple: “we just want to have fun” so let’s dance. This song does a wonderful job at showing the chaotic and crazy nature that is clubbing while maintaining a driving beat and great melody.

While closer to the genre of EDM than pop, “HEY YOU” still features some important elements that give it that unique twist. For starters, the amazing and vibrant voice that is Anna carries through the whole song which is complemented by the vocals doublings echoed on the right and left pan. An array of synths in the background give it the vibing 80’s feel that adds to the craziness. About half way through, a soulful electric guitar cuts right through the entire mix, displaying the crazy amount of musical juice flowing through this song. Honestly, how frisky can it get?!

Hailing from London, singer/songwriter Anna Starlight is a fresh taste in the pop genre. Her energetic music gets you up on your feet and makes you want to dance all night long (making me wish it were a Friday). Currently only featuring her single “HEY YOU” Anna has plenty of room to grow as an artist and show her capabilities. She's a talented artist with a bright future ahead of her, I can't wait to hear more! You can find her music on Spotify, Youtube, or Apple Music. You can also visit her Instagram for updates on new music and more!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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